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Get a Better yard.

For just about every lawn, soil compaction is a very real issue.

For new homeowners, sod is often laid by builders on poorly prepared soil.  Oftentimes, that fresh cut sod is placed on graded and heavily compacted clay and building materials. If the sod even lives through the first year, you're almost certain to have problems with growth and bare areas.

No amount of water or chemicals will overcome poor soil conditions. And even established yards benefit from core aeration.

Thatch and drought often create bare areas. Whether you have a cool weather grass or a hearty bermuda or zoysia yard, it's important to remove thatch and dead grass.



Core Aeration is the first step to remedying this issue. The process of core aeration removes thousands of small cores from your yard. By penetrating up to three inches into your yard, small cavities are created. The result is a fertile depository for new seeds, nutrients and fertilizer.

Although the removed earthen plugs may temporarily look unsightly, they also have a benefit. Each plug contains microorganisms that aid in the decomposition of thatch layers.



While any aerification is beneficial, many retail aerators simply cannot penetrate deeply enough into your lawn. That's why you need professional equipment operated by trained lawn professionals.

Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping can help schedule a core aeration and fertilization program for your lawn. It's the best way to ensure your lawn gets all the nutrients needed at the root level.



It depends on your grass variety. And for optimum results, it's also best to aerate lawns that are moderately moist. For cool season grasses like tall fescue, rye or Kentucky bluegrass, the best time is fall. Although not optimum, you can aerate in very early spring as well.

For warm season grasses such as bermuda and zoysia, aeration is beneficial all throughout the growing season of spring and summer.

At Green Scene, we can answer all your questions and work with you to create a comprehensive aeration and fertilization plan. And we guarantee it'll cost less than you imagine!

Core Aeration and Fertilization

Core aeration is probably the most overlooked service for your lawn. Yet this annual service can make the difference between a so-so yard and a spectacular lawn! Coupled with a planned fertilization schedule, your lawn will look awesome all season long.

  Loosens hard, compacted soil
  Enhances oxygen levels of soil for root growth
  Increases availability of water and nutrients for grass roots
  Stimulates healthy activity for thatch decomposing organisms
  Enhances root growth and overall lawn health