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Wholly contained & fully irrigated garden containers.

Everyone loves fresh vegetables, right? Now it's easier than ever to grow your own in any space!

Our garden containers can be installed in virtually any landscape situation. We'll level your area and make it weed-proof with a landscape barrier. Topped off with a layer of egg rocks, pea gravel or even pavers, it's perfect for all backyard garden warriors.

Green Scene fills each container with topsoil soil rich in organic material and necessary nutrients. With custom automatic watering tied-in to your existing irrigation system, all you worry about is the bountiful harvest of your labor! Talk to a Green Scene specialist and see how affordable our backyard gardening can be.


Garden Container Advantages...

  • Fits in any landscape setting
  • Wholly contained
  • No more tilling
  • Automatic irrigation
  • Color match decor of existing landscaping
  • Controlled planting environment
  • Grow herbs & vegetables all season long
  • Affordable & easily modified

Save money, and wow your friends by growing AND eating healthy vegetables year round!



Call us today for an estimate. Whether you live in Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill or any Williamson County community, we can help you create your very own garden setting. Little to no maintenance is required, so start growing your very own garden today!

GSTN Container Garden GSTN helps you grow your very own vegetables.

Start Designing Your Backyard Garden!

The only limitation is your imagination! We bring ideas to life to help you enjoy the backyard of your dreams.

  Start with your plan (or ours!)
  Set a budget
  Determine specific style and features
 Install with Green Scene!