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A beautiful lawn begins with the prep.

The perfect yard looks awesome, right? Unfortunately, nature hasn't provided many spots like that in our region.

Most often you'll find the area around your home littered with rocks and other debris. While core aeration will help, it's really not the long term solution. If you're going to spend money for sod, it makes sense to ensure preparation matches your investment!

Enter the Harley Rake. This skid steer attachment specializes in pulverizing rocks and removing weeds and old lawns. The rotating carbide steel blades slice through old lawns to create the perfect seedbed or base for fresh sod. No more uneven, misshapen lawns or bald spots. The Harley Rake ensures a beautiful lawn every time.

Core aeration is a great process for overseeding. But if your yard needs a make-over, then the Harley Rake is the solution! And our trained professionals are masters of the Harley! Ask a Green Scene specialist for more details.


Harley Rake Advantages...

  • Remove old lawns, weeds & rocks
  • Create a level lawn surface
  • Pulverized organic material returns nutrients back to soil
  • Creates a perfect seedbed for new or restored lawns
  • Safe, non-chemical way to remove weeds

A better yard begins with proper preparation. We can show you how!



Call us today for an estimate. Whether you live in Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill or any Williamson County community, we can help you create the lawn of you dreams.

The Harley Rake


Harley Rake your yard!

Great yards begin with preparation. We bring ideas to life to help you enjoy the backyard of your dreams.

 Completely remove old yard, weeds & rocks
 Level & smooth your yard
  Prepare a fertile foundation for your seed or sod
 Install with Green Scene!