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Professional irrigation systems save time & money.

You've made the decision. You're upgrading your landscape with a professionally installed irrigation system. And despite your excitement and enthusiasm, it does matter who you choose!

During the installation process, your yard will undergo an extremely stressful transition. You need a professional company who specializes in installation. Trenching, piping and installing electrical zones for your system will temporarily scar your yard.

At Green Scene we take great care to limit unnecessary damage to your landscape during this process.



There is no magical way to install an irrigation system. Unfortunately, the process requires cutting trenches in your yard for the irrigation pipes. By using equipment specifically designed for irrigation systems, Green Scene limits trenching to the precise measurements of your installation plan. 



The number of required zones for your project can affect time required for completion. First, our staff will secure all necessary permits for your installation.  Then our team will carefully map out the plan for your project. Then the real fun begins!

Our professional crews will trench your yard and remove unneeded soil and rocks. Green Scene takes pride in maintaining a clean and efficient job site. Next the electrical valve zones and mandatory back flow device are installed.

Once that's complete, Green Scene professionals secure all connections to your system controller for testing.



After completion of a thorough diagnostic test of your zones and operating system, the cosmetic phase begins. Our team will then over seed all affected areas for fast healing, or you may elect to re-sod those areas. Either way, a professionally installed irrigation system will help your lawn recover and yield a vibrant landscape.



For most yards Green Scene can begin and complete installation in less than one week. Of course that time is also subject to weather conditions, installed zones and project scope.

Schedule a no-obligation project quote today, and discover why Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping is the NUMBER ONE choice in Middle Tennessee!




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Important Questions in Choosing Irrigation Company

The first step to a trouble-free irrigation system begins with whom you choose. Get quotes from professionals who specialize in landscape irrigation.

  Check their Better Business Bureau standing
  Request their referral list
  Get a professional installation estimate with applicable zones & system controller
  Provide a detailed wish list for your project
  Ask questions!