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Beautiful, manicured flower beds, yards…and POOLS!

They don't just happen. It takes work. And a whole lot of time!

And sometimes, there's just not enough time. That's why you need Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping. We're experts in all things yard! Our experts can give your shrubs that perfect trim.

And did you know, improper pruning actually makes your plants susceptible to disease, insect infestation and storm damage? There actually is a right and a wrong way to trim. We guarantee you'll see the difference!



People routinely complain of poor branch growth or lack of blooms on their trees. For healthy plants, it's probably due to over pruning and poor timing, especially crape myrtles. Ever noticed crape myrtles with their tops sheared across the top? Many believe the practice will provide more blooms. Unfortunately, it won't and often results in a deformed tree shape.

No more than 15% to 20% of any plant should be removed in one cutting. And every plant has an optimum window of time for pruning. It's not rocket science, but it does take skill. Our experts can help your trees achieve a beautiful canopy with full fragrant blooms.



Who does? With Green Scene you don't have to. We'll take care of your flower bed maintenance all the way down to the last piece of unwanted grass. Enjoy your flowers, not the work!



Even if you have the time or skill to prune it yourself, you still have the clippings, branches, twigs and yard debris. For many that means extra bagging or trips to the recycling center. When you choose Green Scene, that problem disappears. After the job is finished, we take it with us. All of it!

You're left with a spectacular yard sure to be the envy of your neighborhood!



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Lawn Care Services 

You want a beautiful yard. We can help you manage and maintain it all year long. All for a price that fits your budget.

  Scheduled mowing services

  Trimming and edging

  Seasonal flower beds

  Flower bed maintenance including weeds removal

  Pruning of all shrubs and trees

  Debris and leaf removal

  Snow and ice removal

  Custom yard maintenance

As one of the most requested landscape companies in Middle Tennessee, our list of satisfied customers includes homeowners from Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville. We're Tennessee proud!
We offer the most competitive prices in the region! Simply share your landscape dreams, and we'll prepare a complete cost analysis for your specific project.
We live here, too! So our promises are more than just words. It's being there when we say we will. AND doing what we promise we'll do. You can count on Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping.