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Get a Thicker, Healthier lawn.

Did you know thin spots in your lawn can actually promote weed growth and grassy diseases? It's true, and that's why a thick, lush lawn is not only beautiful but also essential for a healthy and vibrant landscape.



Seasonal transitions can be stressful for even the healthiest of lawns. Extreme cold temperatures and searing heat can take a toll on your grass. Prolonged freezing temperatures and drought create thin or bare patches.  

Exposed areas can also be created by the installation of a professionally installed irrigation system. Unless you elect to re-sod line trenches, your lawn will need to repair itself.

Left alone, these areas can be quickly overcome by grassy weeds and lawn damaging insects. Chemical treatments can help control these issues, but the best prevention is thick and strong turf grass.

Depending on your variety of grass, there is an optimum time to over seed your lawn.



Overseeding has the greatest effect when your yard is prepared properly. And that begins with core aeration of your entire lawn.

Professional core aeration pulls cores of soil from your yard creating a perfect depository for new seeds. With seasonal rain supplemented by your irrigation system, the new seeds quickly germinate and add thickness to your existing lawn.



Tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and most rye varieties perform best when overseeded in fall and early spring. For warm season grasses like bermuda, effective results can be achieved during the active growing season. What's right for your yard? Contact the professionals at Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping for a FREE evaluation of your lawn.

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Overseeding Is ESSENTIAL!

Depending on your lawn, effective results can be achieved by core aeration and overseeding only once or twice a year. It's typically the difference between an OK yard and a fantastic lawn!

  Thickens density of existing turf
  Fills turf areas damaged by drought, disease or insects
  Creates full, lush lawn appearance
  Prevents soil and nutrient erosion
  Enhances turf resistance to diseases and insects