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Want Privacy WITHOUT The Fence?

Privacy is great, but who really wants to be fenced in?

With a beautiful row of Emerald Green arborvitaes or a majestic row of Thuja Green Giants, you can have beauty AND privacy at the same time! With their stunning evergreen display, you can enjoy their color and privacy all year long.

There are many plant species to choose from. One of our trained professionals can help you select the variety and size to fit your specific wishes. Oh, and there's no painting either. Nature handles that for you!


Tree Privacy Fencing Advantages...

  • Height and Space Control of property border
  • Multiple plant species are available
  • Beautiful color & aesthetic enhancing
  • Wind break for property
  • Improves air quality
  • Buffers noise
  • Budget flexibility
  • Environment friendly

Get privacy with a better yard solution that actually adds value to your home!



Call us today for an estimate. Whether you live in Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill or any Williamson County community, we can help you create your very own garden setting. Little to no maintenance is required, so start growing your very own garden today!


Start Designing Your Tree Privacy Fence!

The only limitation is your imagination! We bring ideas to life to help you enjoy the backyard of your dreams.

  Start with your plan (or ours!)
  Set a budget
  Determine species & plant size
 Install with Green Scene!