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Branches, leaves and debris.

The winds of March may sometimes come in like a lion, and April showers often bring May flowers. But those metaphors can also produce unwanted tree limbs, leaves or even weeds. Unless you live in a rural setting, discarding debris from your lawn can be difficult. 

Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping can help create an annual plan guaranteed to keep your beautiful - regardless the season!



Long before the first buds of spring, we can clean your plant beds and prune your trees and shrubs for maximum growth and coverage. It's also the perfect time to begin planning your desired shape and canopy for vegetation and trees.

When the winds come, we'll make certain your landscaping always looks the same - perfect!



You live in Middle Tennessee, so we don't have to tell you how colorful and magnificent the fall foliage is. It's just one of the many reasons we call this area home. But despite their beauty, those leaves will come down. Millions of them!

Removing them is essential for a vibrant and healthy lawn. Leaf removal is also critical from gutters and downspouts for an efficient drainage system. Gutters stuffed with leaves can cause damage to your home in a variety of ways.

Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping can rake, blow and remove all of your yard debris. Tree limbs, dead trees, rocks, old mulch or just grass clippings. Trust us for a beautiful yard all year long.


Spring & Fall Clean-up Services

Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping can create a custom plan guaranteed to deliver a beautiful yard all year long.

  Storm damage and tree limbs removal
  Pruning and site removal of branches and clippings
  Raking, blowing and removal of all leaves
  Leaf removal from gutters and downspouts
  Site removal of dead trees, rocks or other impediments