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Get a Professional Spring Start-UP for your system.

Simple fact - your grass and plants need the right amount of water to grow and thrive!

Another FACT 

Unexpected problems with your irrigation system can be tiresome and expensive!


Contact to arrange for a comprehensive start-up of your irrigation system! Our experienced and trained professionals not only get your water going, but they also test your system for maximum efficiency.  That includes a check of your controller, back flow device, valves and sprinkler heads. If your system developed any problems over the winter months, we can normally make necessary repairs the same day.*

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It's way more than just "turning on the water!" Schedule your Spring Start-UP today.


  • Start-UP service fee includes basic diagnostic and adjustments to your system. Irrigation systems requiring repairs subject to time and materials charge.
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Give your irrigation system a professional start-up this spring!We service Wi-Fi and standard irrigation controllers.

Give your irrigation system a professional start-up this spring!We check your back flow device during every service for possible leaks. is top choice for irrigation start-up.We check every zone...every head...every time!

Give your irrigation system a professional start-up this spring!Controlled coverage enhances efficiency & eliminates water waste.

Spring Start-UP Checklist

Whether your irrigation system was installed by or someone else, save money and time with a professional start-up. Call Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping today!

  Review & Adjust System Controller

 Check Back Flow Device for possible leaks

 Adjust Sprinkler Heads for maximum efficiency

 Save MONEY on watering costs